Vignobles Jeanjean
Causse d'Arboras


The landscape is breathtaking. The sense of abundance, overwhelming. We are at the foot of Mont Saint-Baudille, the highest point in the Hérault Valley, 320 metres above sea level. Nicknamed the ‘Larzac Sentinel’, it stands at the point where the plain ends and the Larzac plateau begins. Here, suspended above the mediaeval village of Arboras with its former silk worm factory and 17th century castle, the Domaine du Causse d’Arboras stretches out across the landscape. With its dramatic geography carved up by deep natural faults, this exceptional spot commands a panoramic view across the entire Hérault Valley and out towards the Mediterranean Sea. To ensure this land remains unspoiled, all the vineyards here were certified as organic in 2011.


Situated among the highest and most northern vineyards in the Languedoc wine region, these vines flourish on a plateau of rocky limestone soil. This high altitude, combined with the impact from Larzac’s continental climate, means the grapes mature very slowly. The result is a perfect synchronisation of sweetness and optimum ripeness in terms of colour, tannins and flavour. The density of the planting in the vineyards is a unique characteristic of the Domaine du Causse d’Arboras (7,000 vines/ha). Rare in the Languedoc region as a whole, this type of planting is typical from the most renowned vineyards in France. It generates competition between the vines so that the clusters they produce, although few in number, are extremely rich and concentrated.

Brigitte Jeanjean

The Domaine du Causse d’Arboras is extreme because of its altitude, its high-density planting and the unusual vertical-style pressing. Each of these combine to produce red wines that are concentrated but delicate, white wines that are pure and crystal-clear like the limestone that delivers tham and this character that is so quintessentially ‘northern’.

Brigitte Jeanjean


Localisation du Domaine du Causse d'Arboras

Surface Area

16 ha


320 metres


Upper Jurassic limestone from the sea and crystalline limestone related to volcanic activity.


Red : Grenache noir, Syrah, Mourvèdre, Cinsault
Grey : Grenache gris
White : Sauvignon blanc, Roussanne, Viognier


Typicité du sol du Domaine du Causse d'Arboras

Pepper, garrigue and structure / Fresh fruit, cinnamon and rounded