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Domaine Le Pive

A stone’s throw away from the old town of Aigues Mortes, the vines at Domaine Le Pive have their roots anchored in the Camargue coastline’s fine sands. They surround the Pive Chapel, a neo-Roman architectural treasure from the 19th Century, which takes over this serene place where time seems to stand still.                                                                                                                                                                   If the Camargue’s wild nature reigns supreme, the human touch is decisive here more than anywhere. To prevent salt water from rising, which would be deadly for the vines, the fresh water table must be maintained in balance with the sea and lagoons. It’s thanks to the upkeep of water trenches, little canals running around each parcel, that the vines can grow and give us the Camargue sands’ emblematic wine: vin gris or ‘grey’ wine.                                                                                              To protect the Camargue’s ecosystem and its incomparable biodiversity (flamingos and other wading birds, turtles, beavers, salicornia and other halophile plants…), Domaine Le Pive has been certified organic since 2011.

Domaine Le Pive is planted along a string of sand dunes, formed by the meeting of the Rhône river and the Mediterranean. The vines enjoy a remarkable local climate: Mediterranean above all, giving magnificent sunny days suitable for good grape-ripening. Moderated by sea spray, it also helps retain fresh aroma in the grapes.


Brigitte Jeanjean

The estate’s wines reflect these soils nourishing the vines: delicate, light, almost airy… while emphasising their intense and complex flavours, the result of blending different varieties.

Brigitte Jeanjean


Localisation du Domaine Le Pive

Surface Area

47 ha


Close to sea level


Fine sand from the sea and wind


Red : Merlot, Grenache noir, Cabernet franc, Syrah
Grey : Grenache gris
White : Sauvignon blanc, Roussanne, Viognier


Typicité du sol du Domaine Le Pive

Delicate, light bodied, intense aromas