Vignobles Jeanjean
Mas Neuf

MAS NEUF, MUSCAT KINGDOM                                                                               This property forms one block wedged between the Mediterranean, lagoon and pine forest; and is entirely devoted to growing Muscat ‘petits grains’. In this outstanding backdrop to the Gardiole hills, this enchanting variety with powerful aromas develops a floral and fruity flavour profile: rosewood, lychee, jasmine, citrus…                                                                                                                                     Picked early for making a dry wine, it gives you the impression of crunchiness from the grape; a refreshing sensation and light bitter twist on the finish characterise it.                                                                                                                                                    To make it into a sweet fortified wine, in contrast you have to wait until the fruit is crammed with sugar. So it develops a rich variety of aromas and flavours, underpinned by richness from the residual sugar. It could easily be forgotten at the back of a cellar; its colour will take on amber hues and its bouquet will develop stewed fruit notes.                                                                                                        Concerned about implementing environmentally friendly grape-growing, the whole Mas Neuf vineyard is being converted over to organic farming and will be certified in 2014.

PERFECT BALANCE                                                                                                                             The Mas Neuf terroir emphasises all the favourable factors for making fine muscat wines: a hot dry climate, sea breezes that moderate the intense summer sunshine and retain slightly cool nights, naturally drained stony soils…

Brigitte Jeanjean

This is how we get lovely rich wines, while retaining an essential element of balance in sweet wines; freshness.

Brigitte Jeanjean


Localisation du Mas Neuf

Surface Area

38 ha


Close to sea level


Quite stony red clay on a limestone base


Muscat petits grains


Typicité du sol du Mas Neuf

Rich aromas, freshness, balance