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Mas de Lunès Réserve
Mas de Lunès

Mas de Lunès Réserve

Languedoc Grés de Montpellier AOP

Terroir & Vines

The vineyard is planted on a red clay soil covered with chalky round pebbles. We select the vines of the Languedoc Grès de Montpellier AOP part of the estate, with splitting of the buds in the spring and loosening of the bunches at veraison. The warm and dry Mediterranean climate is tempered by a sea wind influence. The estate is located in the middle of a well preserved ecosystem of Mediterranean scrubland.

Vinification & Ageing

The grapes are hand-picked with strict sorting. Once the harvest is destemmed, a second sorting is made. The fermentation takes place in 500 litres oak barrels for 30% of the cuvée and in stainless steel tanks with temperature control (25-28°C) for the other part. A daily punching down in the barrels and pumping over and rack and return in the stainless steel tanks allows the aromas and colour extraction. The maceration of the Syrah is long. The ageing lasts 12 months in French oak barrels (2/3 new and 1/3 1 year old).

Tasting notes

The “Réserve” cuvee has a deep dark colour and an expressive and intense nose with black fruit, camphor, vanilla and cocoa aromas. The palate is powerful and rich with soft tannins and a long spicy and minty finish.

Food & Wine paring

To be tasted at 16-17°C with a grilled T-bone steak, a leg of lamb with rosemary or a game stew.

“A strict selection at the vineyard and at the winery for the great Grés de Montpellier." Brigitte Jeanjean


80% Syrah, 20% Grenache noir


Languedoc Grès de Montpellier AOP

Ageing potential

Can be laid down up to 8-10 years.

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