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Causse d'Arboras - La Sentinelle
Causse d'Arboras

La Sentinelle

Terrasses du Larzac AOP

Terroir & Vines
The vines are planted one a high limestone plateau at the foothills of the Mont Saint-Baudille, the “Sentinelle du Larzac”. We operate to a plot selection of the most clayey part of this plateau for a smoother style. The warm and dry Mediterranean climate is tempered by the altitude and a continental influence from the Larzac plateau. A blend where Grenache plays an important rule (40%) and completed by Syrah (30%) and Mourvèdre (30%).

Vinification & Ageing
The grapes are hand-picked with sorting. Fermentation is realised in glazed concrete tanks with temperature control and daily pumping overs. Then we operate to a short maceration of the Grenache (10-15 days). The wine stays 10 months in concrete tanks.

Tasting Notes
A wine with a garnet red colour and an expressive nose with red fruit aromas and smoky notes. Well balanced on the palate with a silky structure and a long delicate finish.

Food & Wine Pairing
To be tasted at 16-17°C with grilled meats, a game stew or matured cheese.

“A real wine of pleasure, definetly fruity. “ Brigitte Jeanjean


40% Grenache noir, 30% Mourvèdre, 30% Syrah


Terrasses du Larzac AOP

Ageing Potential

Can be laid down for up to 5-7 years.

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